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Turn Sketch into front-end code.

Just drag and drop a Sketch file and we'll turn it into front-end code automatically.

Zecoda's demo

Watch this 3 minutes video demo by our co-founder John.

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Powered by deep learning

We truly believe automating repetitive tasks is the way forward for software. With the help of artificial intelligence we give you the opportunity to turn design files into front-end code faster.

Your code will always be reviewed by a developer. Learn more here.

Zecoda is for designers and developers

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Hey. I’m Clara, a UI/UX designer.

My life’s goal is to create beautiful interfaces and experiences.

My problem is with the design hand-off process to developers. It’s broken.

Even with several meetings and thoughtful documentation, I struggle to enjoy this part of the job.

If you relate with Clara, try Zecoda now and hand-off code instead of design files.

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Hi! I’m Luca, a front-end developer.

My favourite part of the day is when I have to add logic, animations or intelligence to a project.

The worse part is when I have to transform design files into code.

It’s like old monks writing their stuff with quill and ink. What a waste of time!

If you are like Luca, try Zecoda now and receive code instead of design files.

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