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A new text editor at your service.

Zecoda combines the technology you need to build your own apps with no code.

Why build another
text editor?

To help shape the future of no code software development

We believe software development will become ubiquitous. You will be able to create your own custom apps according to your specific needs from a simple text editor. You will be able to work with data easily, no hustle with Pivot tables or VLOOKUPS. You will work with more than rows and columns.

We are helping shape this future. Zecoda was built to be a simple text editor with features that help you create full stack apps without you ever touching code. We are building the text editor for the next generation of makers and builders.

This diagram helps understand our vision:

Image representing a triple venn diagram. In the intersection of Productivity, Design and No Code tools is Zecoda.

We are working hard to improve every day. We’d love to hear from you and get your help to shape our product. Drop us a line with any feedback (or questions) that you have for us.

If you are curious enough to reach this far sign up for early access below. It's free but with limited spots!