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The journey to start Zecoda.

The story of the text editor reimagined for the next generation of makers and builders.

We believe software development will become ubiquitous. You will be able to create your own custom apps according to your specific needs from a simple text editor.

The text editor is the living force of the modern world. We use it everyday for countless use cases. It’s our go to tool for putting words down. But it seems there’s room to improve the text editor for the next generation of makers and builders that grew up with the cloud, collaboration and information at the tip of their fingers.

So, we tried to reimagine this piece of software from the ground up. The result is a simple text editor tool that helps you do more and be more productive.

Main features

  • Build with growing collection of components
  • Connect your text editor document to a database
  • Integrate logic operations to build custom no code applications
  • Markdown editor to take notes, scribble ideas or plan your work
  • Call APIs to get information quickly. Build your own internal tools

We’ve decided to have a fairly large set of features in the beginning but with limited functionality (e.g. we only have a handful of Components and Functions to start with). This will allow us to learn from our users and build new features for them.

Next steps

We are working hard every single day to improve our product. We are in a very early stage and bugs can appear from anywhere. Drop us a note if you catch one of those 🙏