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The journey to start Zecoda.

Spoiler… we built Zecoda for ourselves.

We built Zecoda to help accelerate our product development. We are using Zecoda to easily turn a Sketch file to a fully responsive web project.

As front-end developers, we often found ourselves demotivated with the design hand-off process. It takes time, lots of meetings and boring back and forth questions. We started to see an uncomfortable pattern when refactoring or reusing old code for new projects to accelerate the workflow.

Sure, there are great software to help us with this problem (looking at you Zeplin) but they still require us to look at each layer or component individually. Not that fun IOHO.

Our goals

We truly believe automating repetitive tasks is the way forward for software. With this in mind we are fully dedicated to:

  • Automate software development repetitive tasks
  • Remove the (stupid) hurdle from design to code
  • Accelerate product development

Entering deep learning

Because losing precious time with boring stuff sucks, we decided to automate the design hand-off process. Simply drop a Sketch file and we'll automatically generate front-end code for you (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). We are using Vue.js to give you a boiler plate for JavaScript.

After we’ve done our magic, you can download and preview the project from your dashboard.

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90% artificial intelligence, 10% human touch

We use deep learning to understand what HTML elements to build – e.g differentiate buttons from input fields. The output of our engine is then reviewed by our developers to make sure we deliver a perfect front-end project.

We combine the speed and scale of machine learning with the quality and assurance that can only come from an experienced web developer.

Next steps

We are working hard every single day to reduce the delivery time to the minimum. If you think Zecoda can help your workflow, sign up below and accelerate your product development.

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